The use of silk in today’s dynamic and rational world is a real challenge. What’s even more curious is to “wrongly” calm the ethereal characteristics of this natural and beautiful material, to take its freedom away and to bounder it into specific geometric shapes, turning its qualities the same way metal characterizes itself with strength, shine & durability.

Concentrating on geometries as pure shape without color, the fashion silhouettes in this collection are transformed into objects dressed in the lights and shades of the achromatic gamma. This is how specific tonality is formed. The nuances in the chiaroscuro develop from soft white to deep grey and all the way to graphite black. Despite the static constructive line of the collection through draping garments progress into free falling forms.

The natural finalization of this collection are the accessories crafted from genuine leather, based on the symbiosis between flat and architectural lines shaping this urban silk error.

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