Minoár - For the one who does not belong 


Yoan Galabov


Since the establishment of Minoár in 2013 we’ve been devoted to create signature appearance resonating with the facilitating creative space. Such space is the heart of the creative process where garments are designed and orchestrated in the concept of each seasonless collection.
Clothing occupies an exceptional part of our core belief that it is a conscious expression of the character of a person. The creative process and production are never involved with outside manufacturing and we operate in a prolific atelier environment where all aspects of creation takes place.
The new Minoár maison is the creative area where garments and collections are being born between the contrast of white walls, black ceilings and external winding paths circling around the charm of a mystical pine garden.
 Minoár - For the one who does not belong 
 Minoár - For the one who does not belong 
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