Minoár - For the one who does not belong 


Yoan Galabov

Minoár Music & Sound Projects through the years where each collection expands in it’s own visual & aural concept. The dark sounds behind Minoár resemble the translation of visual design into the vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave.


 Minoár - For the one who does not belong 


Crust of Moon. It is the sound of gloomy nights where moon casts it’s subtle and peculiar shadows. The song of bright moons and unseen voices colliding with nature where it is untouched. In some ways it affects us more than what surrounds us. It is the colorless object above us while we are in a shadow, in a symbiosis. Pale and equally strong as the nature which links us. The crust of the moon has its peculiar formations and artifacts were created from its surface to become crust to the body.

‘Crust of Moon’ is a spirited collection which incorporates materials taken from the earth resembling its constant companion. This menswear line recreates the gloom of the non living nature through precious elements such as hemp, paper, leather and silk.

 Minoár - For the one who does not belong 


Unsullied. Where the man came from is the place where he derive energy. The alliance between man and nature shapes the collection entitled Unsullied.  Unsullied is the firstborn of Minoar for the man out there. Each sound is the transformation of both the ideology behind Minoar & the appearance of the first collection.

 Minoár - For the one who does not belong 


‘Silk Error’ is concentrated in the geometry as a pure form without color. The sound project behind this collection resembles a contrast of femininity and crudeness, yet it sounds natural, earthly. The sculptural silhouettes in this collection turn into objects dressed in the shadow and light of the achromatic range. So tonality is formed. The nuances in the chiaroscuro passes from natural white to silvery grey into graphite black.

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